1. Our tournaments are held on the team format which is two people per boat, however one person per boat will be permitted if full entry is paid.

2. You as a person are responsible for following all laws regarding Small Craft, Federal Fisheries, and the Wildlife Act.

3. To participate in a Club Tournament you are required to have, 1 Paddle, 1 Life Jacket per person, 1 Bailer, and a current Fishing License per person. All boats will be inspected.

4. No Alcohol is permitted in boats. Violators will be immediately disqualified.

5. All fish must be kept alive in an aerated livewell. A 4 oz penalty will be deducted for dead fish. Only 1 dead fish can be weighed per team.

6. The use of underwater visual aids (i.e., Aquaviews, etc) is not allowed during tournament hours.

7. There is a five fish limit, which means only five fish will be weighed in. No more than 6 fish may be in your livewell at any one time.

8. Bass have to measure 9" from tip of nose to pinched tail. If you present a fish under 9" to be weighed without asking for a measurement, its weight will be deducted from your other fish.

9. All fish are to be caught on artificial lures. No live or prepared bait with the exception of pork rind bait. Competitors can only fish with one rod at a time; others may be rigged for use.

10. No trolling* will be permitted. Violators will be disqualified.

11. No competitor is allowed to cast within 25 yards of another competitor's boat.

12. Except in dire circumstances, no competitor shall get out of their boat at any time during the tournament. Anglers are allowed to place one foot out of the boat only in the case of the boat being stuck.

13. A numbering system will be used for the start of every tournament. Each team will draw a number with Number 1 starting first followed by Number 2 and so on. The last boat will start the others. You must arrive 15 minutes before the official start time in order to draw a number otherwise you will start last.

14. In the event of a trickle start (slow start because of poor weather conditions), there will be no passing. All boats must remain in single file and at idle speed. A boat may veer off only to go to a specific spot to commence fishing but may not increase speed.

15. No pre-fishing of tournament waters. The cut-off day is at dusk two Sundays before the tournament.

16. All contestants must sign a waiver. Contestants under 19 years of age must also have a parent sign a waiver.

17. All boats must be at the weigh-in site at tournament end. There will be a 1/10th of a pound penalty for each minute late, with a total disqualification after 15 minutes without a valid excuse for lateness.

18. All fish species must be treated with respect during a LSBC tournament. Anyone found to be willfully mistreating any fish will be first issued a warning, second time disqualified from tournament, third time asked not to fish in LSBC tournaments for the remainder of the year.

19. Payouts are based on percentages for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Payouts for 4th and 5th place will be trophy plus return of entry fee.

20. All participants are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsman-like manner.

21. There are no exceptions to the above-mentioned rules. Organizers decisions are final.

*Trolling, for the purpose of these rules, is defined as moving a bait through the water solely under the power of a motor, including a trolling motor.